Natty Wine Term: Porch Pounder (Newsletter #7)

Let's find you a summer lover.

Damn, so we’re in the middle of summer, huh? Let’s talk about summertime porch pounders! 

What is a porch pounder? (Aka patio pounder, aka roof pounder, aka stoop wine). 

A porch pounder is any wine that can be glugged casually and enjoyed in large quantities amongst friends. They are low-tannin, light bodied reds, crisp whites, refreshing roses, and I’ve even enjoyed some orange pounders. 

A great porch pounder is easily drinkable, usually a bit chilled, and affordable enough that you buy at least a couple of bottles. (Big bang for your buck type of wines). Typically enjoyed outside, while sitting on the porch, patio, or roof, but really, this can be applied to any outdoor scenario. They don’t need to be accompanied by food, but a hot dog or chips and guac never hurt anybody. 

They’re kind of like your summer lover. 

They might not be the wine you bring to meet the parents, but all your friends love them. They’re casual and fun, and really-- just here for a good time. On occasion they surprise you with their complexity, but generally, you finish them pretty quickly and move onto the next. 

I really love wines like these, and honestly they’re a great way to introduce folks to natural wine. Because they're so drinkable, there’s a lower risk of them being an “acquired taste”. 

I want you to find the perfect summer lover and be refreshed AF during these hot summer months so I’ve put together a list of my favorite porch pounder recommendations. Enjoy! 

Purchase them here, here, & here.

Purchase them here, here, & here.

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